Motivation Monday!

I think everyone fights this fight at some point in their life. Do you take the leap and follow your dreams or do you keep doing what’s in your comfort zone? Although change is uncomfortable, I think the best way to initiate change is exactly as this quote states, “tip toe.” If you’re dyeing your hair, you don’t go from black to blonde in one appointment at the salon, you do it slowly over time. (Unless you live on the edge and have the balls to dye your hair all at once and have no worries of it all falling out) You will still get the same results over time, but if you’re like me, I’d rather do something slow and get it done right over doing it quick and having to fix it. Especially if you’re dealing with your hair, could you imagine the mess that would be?? My point being small steps of change towards a bigger picture are better than no steps at all. You must take the first step. Don’t end up being one of those people who live for Friday because you were too afraid to take a risk for your dreams.

This week I challenge you to tip toe into that one thing you keep thinking about but can’t get yourself to do. Be it something as simple as changing your hair color to as challenging as quitting the job you hate to go after the job you’ll love. Take a small step it the right direction! Live the life you love.