Goals on Goals on Goals: 2017

Better late then never, right?! I’ve always found that sharing my New Years goals or resolutions with others helped hold me accountable. So, today I’ll be sharing them with you!
  1. Buy a home – in Westchester (where the prices and taxes can legit make you vomit) but it’s definitely a my main goal this year. It’s actually crazy to see that written out!
  2. Be more open on social media.  First off, I love receiving questions via email/ direct message! I will continue to answer privately, but going forward, I’m going to try answering questions via Instagram stories/ Snapchat too.
  3. Travel. I’m in the midst of planning a Caribbean trip in February (so excited!). But I’d also love to go to: Lake Louise in Canada and spend weekend in Miami this year.
  4. Go to church on Sunday. I went back to church in spurts last year, which isn’t great, but it was something for me in 2016. This year I want to go as often as possible, no excuses.

Here’s some advice if you’re putting goals and resolutions in place:

Don’t try and do a 360. You’re not going to be a brand new person in 24 hours. It takes time and effort to change pre-existing habits. So, go easy on yourself, and don’t get discouraged.

Plan it out. Just saying I want to buy a house, won’t get me a house. I’ve already put a plan in action that includes meeting with my bank to start setting up some savings goals and applying for a mortgage. This would be the same if you’re trying to lose weight or get toned. Set mini goals to start, like ‘will go to the gym 4 times a week.’

Remind yourself of what you already do well. Sometimes all this newness can make you ask yourself ‘what have I been doing my entire life?’ (You make ask this, for example, right after you try running on the treadmill for the first time in 8 months) Remind yourself each day of what you currently do well. Are you always kind? Do you have tons of patience? Do you eat healthy most of the time?

Practice gratitude.  If this isn’t something you do, make this one of your goals. Wake up every morning saying thank you. Repeat it in your head. Remind yourself of everything that is good in your life and thank the universe, God or whatever you believe in, for all your fortunes. 

What are your goals this year? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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