Feed Your Soul, Starve Your Ego



Jacket: Zara (out of stock, but someone is selling it on ebay here) Also love this one here | Blouse: H&M | Culottes: old, similar here | Shoes: Aldo, similar here | Bag: Chanel | Hat: Rella

I could easily talk about styling this coat, and how embroidery is so on trend. And not to forget, military chic. But sometimes I just feel like theres so much of that out there. And I’m not into overkill. But instead I’ll briefly discuss something I think is more useful, why you should always feed your soul.

I believe your soul at the core of who you are and should be fed by good. When you feed yourself negativity or don’t surround yourself with good people, you’re starving your soul. When you hate on others, aren’t honest, obsess over the things you don’t have, it can actually make you sick. This is why when I talk about positive vibes, kindness, lifting others up, it’s so important to listen. Don’t wish bad on people succeeding. Don’t wish bad on anyone, because it only comes back to you.

Starving your ego may be a bit of an aggressive statement, but it’s one of my favorite mantras so I’ll explain it the way I see it. Starving your ego means not letting other people pull you down or push you up. You should be confident with yourself and who you are. Other people shouldn’t have the control over the way you see yourself. So don’t look for others to feed your ego.

If you feed your soul good, your ego is good. Starve your ego of the attention and acceptance it so desperately wants and  focus on feeding your soul. 

On a lighter note, PS. I know you can’t see it but I’m wearing a black silk blouse from H&M underneath it all and it’s only $40. SO worth it!

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