The Importance of A Fashion Faux Pas and How To Learn From It

faux paus-new york-style-simply by simone

chanel-sequin-design lab-asos

After I took these photos I decided this look was a total styling faux pas. I wasn’t going to post it either but I think mistakes are important, and I don’t totally hate this look. So let’s learn from it!

Gosh where to start, the crazy hat, sequin t-shirt, clown pants, velvet booties? Well there in lies the problem. Sometimes, and only sometimes less is actually more. 90% of the time I’m a more is more person but not in this situation. Mixing too many statement pieces makes for what I’ve decided to call fashion vomit. Pretty but not stylish. If I wore this look with neutral colored booties and regular black jeans I think this outfit would be totally fun. Or I think if I eliminated the hat this may have worked as is.

Finally, I’m not perfect. And no one is as perfect as their Instagram may seem. Truthfully, I probably won’t post a full length photo of this look on insta!

Shop my faux pas:


gucci belt-chanel bag-asos-style

lord and taylor-design lab-fashion-tee


asos-ruffle pants-chunky knit hat-style

street style-pink coat-hm-outfit

pink coat-sequin tee-lips-fashion