Adding Coachella Vibes to Your Summer Style

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Gosh I never know when to stop talking about Spring and start talking about Summer. In New York once the temperature goes above 60 degrees, we all got Summer on the brain. We skip right over Spring any chance we get. Aka when the weather is at or above 68 degrees, we’re sausage-ing ourselves back into those booty shorts that never quite fit and running to the nearest body of water. I swear it’s like a place of sun worshippers who can’t detach themselves from their addiction to the concrete jungle.

So, this raises the question, what should you be adding to your Summer wardrobe? The change in season is great, and you should definitely pull out those classics. Think: jean jacket and white pants. But, what can you do this year to really revamp your look? Well, if you’ve been looking at any fashion related media lately, it’s all about Coachella. And I just love all the western/bohemian inspired festival outfits. I mean, can’t we all use a band tee to wear with a fringe jacket? I also can’t take my eyes off of all the boots/dresses combo’s!

Today’s look is definitely inspired by the festival I passed on again this year (when will I learn?!). But have no fear because if you’re also having total FOMO right now, you can still add Coachella vibes to your warm weather wardrobe!

Shop my look and Coachella vibes inspired pieces:

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