3 Reasons to Snag Patent Leather Booties


Blazer: Aqua, smiliar HERE  | Sweater: ASOS | Denim: Hudson, similar HERE | Scarf: Forever 21 | Booties: Aldo | Bag: Saint Laurent, affordable HERE

My original thought for this look was – it’s something everyone can wear. I love styling outfits that most people would feel comfortable trying to recreate themselves. If you’re having outfit block on the weekends, a camel and black combo outfit is my go to. How I ended up with this amazing new Saint Laurent bag is kind of a long story, but I’ll make it short. I always pick out my Christmas gifts for my boyfriend to give to me. This year I told him I wanted to wait until after Christmas, as I was on a waiting list for a specific Chanel bag, that I really wanted. Two weeks into January, he’s continuously asking me about when he’s going to get to give me a gift. So I picked out this beauty! Needless to say, your girl is also the new owner of a Chanel boy bag, I pre-sold it at Bloomies and I’ll be picking it up this weekend! (Yay)

And if you’re saying WTF about me picking out my own gifts, first – get a grip and second, trust me it works for us. We’ve been together for six years! Oh and he only got one bag not both – no sugar daddies here.

Now, here are my top 3 reasons to purchase patent leather booties this season:

1. They double as chic rain boots. Patent leather holds up amazing in the horrendous NY weather. Take it from me, I know.

2. It’s a great excuse to shop vintage and save some money! Since patent leather boots were everything in the 70s, there are definitely many great thrifted booties to be found!

3. They’re way more eye-catching than their leather counterparts. Trying to step your fashionable game up? Three words: Patent Leather Booties.




  1. February 10, 2016 / 5:08 pm

    First, girl I LOVE the outfit, big ups! Second, I find it soo awww how you pick out the gifts and your bf gives them to you, it’s such a cute and (honestly), a practical sincere way of gifting. I truly loved the post! Keep going! ❤

    • February 10, 2016 / 6:24 pm

      Thanks so much for the kind words Diana!! I feel like it’s such a waste of money to let him guess on something I might like! Lol so it works for us 😊

      • February 12, 2016 / 1:35 am

        Haha I get your perspective by the way! It might turn out to be something that doesn’t really please you, so it’s such a nice technique 🙌 You guys are cool for sure 😃 Have a glorious day today! ❤